Tech Task #1

A Bit About Myself & My Summer:

My name is Calli Illerbrun. As a basic background about myself, I am from Swift Current, and I love it here. I just completed (with the exception of this class) my third year of Secondary Education.

I have been involved in a wide range of experiences related to teaching. Dancing has always been a passion of mine. I grew up dancing in ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip-hop. I attended the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation Conservation Camp (an outdoor training camp), and have been involved in the Swift Current Wildlife Federation all my life. I have my Firearm and Hunter Safety Certificate, and hunt every fall. I currently attend a meditation group every Thursday which has fostered relaxation and awareness in me. All of these experiences have (and will) contribute to my teaching. They have given me ideas for working with children, and inspired my decision to teach.

This summer I have been volunteering at The Center.  If you aren’t familiar with the programs offered in this space, check this link out: If you’re from Swift Current and area or are ever in the neighbourhood, give your time to this great organization. My experience has been great. It connects the community, and working with youth is always fulfilling.

Additionally, this summer I am working as a substitute EA. As a preservice teacher, the experiences I’ve had thus far have activated my metacognition. My relationships with the students have pushed me to appreciate the diversity of youth through a new perspective. Being apart of a multitude of classes of varying students, teachers, grades, and subjects has reinforced much of my learnings from university.

When July rolls around, I will spend some time at the family cabin in Cypress Hills. For myself and my family, it is a place of relaxation. While there, I often spend my time reading and writing. Since we’re on the topic, I love to write. In fact, my dream is to become a published novelist. I am currently focussing my writing on two pieces: a fantasy series and a memoir. Perhaps I’ll post some of my work.


(”Selfie’s” are awkward, no?)

Happy Summer!